With winter just around the corner, it can be difficult to decide what to wear; balancing what you need for your commute, with being in a heated office once you arrive at work. You need to look stylish and smart, but practicality and warmth is a must. When battling gale force winds and rain one minute, and gorgeous sunshine the next, wearing layers is essential so you can warm up one minute and cool down at will.

My favourite store with the answers to this annual problem is Uniqlo. Great value, good basics and well made - what more could you ask for.

The three items below are just a few of the items that I head to Uniqlo for every autumn, and a starting point for what to wear when the weather can't make up is mind. 


Ultra Light Down Jacket

uniqlo (4).png

The other coat that is great for layering is the ultra light down jacket or waistcoat. The collarless ones can be worn under your regular autumn jacket or coat as the season gets colder, giving more warmth on a chilly morning. They can be taken off and rolled up really tiny and put away in your bag once you are inside on the train, or during in the day when the temperature warms up. They have added poppers inside this year so you can create a V neck under a jacket with a lower neck. 

 Heat Tech tops

uniqlo (5).png

For years I have been introducing my family, friends, and of course my clients, to Uniqlo's Heattech thermal range. Heat tech is great for both work and weekend wear, as it adds warmth without the bulk. They're also the best thing for anyone living or working in a cold house who needs to layer up, but not end up looking like the Michelin man. 

There are vest tops and long sleeved t-shirts,polo necks and now extra warm. The nude colour can be worn snuggly fitted  under a blouse, or try the black or a contrast colour under an office dress. The range also includes leggings, socks and even jeans.

Trench Coat

uniqlo (3).png

At this time of year, the last thing you want to be lugging around on the tube or train is a heavy coat.  Macs and trenches look smart and professional, and if you buy a size up are great for over a suit. They are also useful at the weekend as can work just as well when worn with a pair of jeans and trainers.

A good Mac really is an investment piece that will last you for years and will be worn to death! Its worth investing in the best you can afford. If you find that double breasted or belted styles are not for you, look around for a shape that suits you better, and if you are on the short side, make sure it is not too long and doesn't drown you by coming to your knees and over your hands.

Camel, Navy or Black is the best option as they’re classic colours that suit most people, and can be livened up with a great scarf.  

If you’re too busy to shop, or too confused with what the stores have to offer, as a personal stylist I would love to share more of my style and shopping secrets working with you one to one. Working with me individually, my advice is totally geared to you, your needs and your lifestyle and your budget. I am taking bookings for October and November. Please get in touch to arrange have a chat about how I can help you find those key pieces for your autumn/ winter wardrobe.

Lizzie Edwards is a leading London based Personal Stylist and Image Consultant for women over 35.