When it comes to shopping, are you getting good results?

There is a skill to successful shopping, and here are my tips to better prepare you for a rewarding shopping trip.

Go through your wardrobe first

Look through your wardrobe and have a cull of anything you no longer fit or like, before you start adding anything new. Make a 'needs' list of what is essential, and a 'wants' list of things you have seen on someone else or in a picture that you  would like to try or buy.

Research online

Look online before you go near a shop, so you have an idea of where you might find something similar and so you know who has what to compare options. 

Start early

Go shopping as early as possible, and avoid Saturdays if you can. When in the shops stick to those items off the list first to avoid running out of time or overspending. If you come across something that’s not on your list but enhances your style, is within your budget, and brings something new to your wardrobe that’s been missing and you are clear how you will wear it, give it a go.

Take a break

If you start to flag, ask the sales assistant to hold your items for the next couple of hours, sit down and take a break. When you return to the dressing room, you’ll have renewed energy, fresh eyes and a clear mind. 

Don't impulse buy

So many items that end up in the wardrobe and are not worn are bought on impulse, to satisfy a need that has nothing to do with clothes. Try not to go shopping when you feel down, upset or impulsive. Recognise when you are in that mood to buy compulsively, just for the thrill of it or to let off steam. Find another way to vent your emotions or comfort yourself.

Look your best

Look your best self. It’s easier to imagine how the clothes you’re trying on can look when you like what you see in the mirror. Do your hair and makeup as it will make it much easier to see what really works well on you. However, lay off the foundation if possible, as it marks clothes as you pull them on and off!

Avoid 'bargains' and sale rails

Sale items can be tempting but are not always a bargain. There is usually a reason they have been left behind. They can be more expensive when you take into account dry cleaning, or another item you'll need to buy to make it work. Designers make mistakes! I see it ALL the time when undertaking wardrobe reviews. Please don’t get sucked into buying something just because it’s a designer label. "It was 'only' £100 when it was £500" is still a waste of £100 if you never wear it.

Check the return policy

Be aware of the return policy of the stores you shop in. Many shops still don't offer a full refund and will only give a credit note. Go shopping where they offer a refund, or buy from the brand online where you can get a full refund even if they don't offer it in the store.

Styles change and so do you. With changes in your body, age, and lifestyle, it’s easy to make mistakes. It’s great to have somebody with you who can be objective. A professional can help you make the most of your wardrobe and to get the most out of a shopping trip. We are here for you, so please get in touch if you'd like to discuss how we can help.

Lizzie Edwards Style Consultancy offers wardrobe and style transformations for men and women over 35, and is based in London, Uk, but travels country wide.