I’ll be honest, I rarely, if ever, go in H&M with 1-1 clients, as they are senior female leaders and require much better quality clothing than is generally on offer.

I say generally, as the low end of the high street can still be a great source of pretty good quality yet cheap items . The issue for most people is that they can’t see the gems among the trash- it’s way to busy, noisy, messy and overwhelming, but i’m like a heat seeking missile on a mission and know exactly what i’m looking for!

There are often great pieces to be found that fill in some wardrobe gaps, so I do pop in from time to time.

Below are the links and product images of 4 items that caught my eye during a browse around the Oxford Circus H&M store last week, and which I shared an ‘in the dressing room’ video over on my Instagram Stories.

I talked through what I liked and didn’t like about each piece, the alterations I would make and how I would style them.

My intention is to start doing this consistently featuring a different selection of items I’ve found in a store every other Friday, so make sure you follow me on instagram @lizzieedwardsuk to see what I find.

Most of my focus will be on items you can wear to work, but sometimes I’ll see casual things too. The important thing is that everything will be wearable, comfortable, understated and effortless.

Airy Balloon Sleeve Blouse - £29.99