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Nothing to wear!

Alexandra J, 41, Director

When I contacted Lizzie I was looking for a review of my wardrobe and a reduction. My wardrobe was bursting at the seams, yet I never felt I had anything to wear.  I had already made two attempts at clearing out it myself in the last 2 years and failed, so I knew I needed some professional help.

Sarah W, 35, Homemaker

As a mother of three young children, it has been more than 5 years since I bought clothes properly, and I have really struggled to find a style which suits me, my new shape, and is practical to wear to a range of different events. 

Victoria S, 29, Programme Manager

My work wardrobe was really dull and my casual wardrobe was non-existent, so I wanted to re-invent my office wardrobe,  and just didn't know where to start with my casual wardrobe. After discussing my options I decided to book with Henry, a senior stylist.

Bridget D, 39, MD, Marketing & Events Co

It had been so long since I shopped that replenishing my wardrobe felt like a chore rather than a joy. I didn’t know where to start and was afraid of making expensive mistakes. I also decided that I wanted a treat and working with Lizzie sounded fun!

Leanne S, 40, Entrepreneur

The specific issue for me was finding a smart but more business-casual look to wear to meetings and events. In my previous life I worked in a very corporate environment, and hadn’t really moved out of thinking that’s the look I needed to wear. I wanted help to find a style that reflected my business and me, but retained the right level of appropriateness for each occasion. 

Rachel M, 47, Healthcare Researcher

I was tired of shopping for clothes which on second thoughts never seemed to quite work and I'd end up passing them on or giving them away. What I wore and the image I needed to project through work seemed to be getting further apart.

Eleanor-Jo, 33, CEO Recruitment

My new found ability to put outfits together has transformed my style, but most importantly my confidence. As well as a complete overhaul of my wardrobe I have had a complete change of mind set, that alone has been worth the investment

Michelle W, 31, Finance

After I had my first baby I always felt like I never had anything to wear! All my clothes either didn't fit or I didn't like them. I also didn't have the time to go to the shops to go shopping, and kept on sending stuff back that I ordered online. 

Veronica F, 43, Corporate Manager

Like many women I had lots of clothes in the wardrobe but often felt I had nothing to wear.  Increasingly I was getting dressed in the morning feeling OK about how I looked, to come home wondering "Why am I wearing this?!" which resulted in buying more clothes because I felt I had nothing to wear.