After thirty-five, women ‘our age’ have different needs, different goals and different bodies than we may have had in our twenties – and our wardrobes should support that. A great personal style for women over thirty-five should be made up of modern items that are both flattering and stylish.

Most of the women I work with at this age are successful, interesting and confident in themselves. However, some of them still feel as if they are stuck in a rut when it comes to their personal style.

I’ve put together five top style tips for women over thirty-five that will bring new life to your look and keep your wardrobe updated and fresh.

Choose quality over quantity

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start investing in timeless pieces that are of high quality. I always encourage my clients to opt for quality clothing over quantity – even if the price tag is a little heftier, it is often well worth the investment. Quality items will last longer and look more polished and refined.

Wearing clothes that are a good quality show that you take care of your appearance and put in effort into your outfits, ultimately leaving you with a much younger overall look. It also enables you to stand out and show you are more senior and successful than those that are more junior than you, even when you wear the same styles.

Keep it simple

Coco Chanel said that ‘simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance’ and Leonardo Da Vinci said ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. If you want to look both elegant and sophisticated after thirty-five, I encourage you to keep your style simple.

Neutral tones, monochromatic colours and minimalistic outfits should be the base of your wardrobe. By sticking to simple looks, you can take years off your look and appear very stylish and intentional too. Once the basics are in place, it doesn't mean your wardrobe needs to look boring. You can add interesting colours, patterns and textures once the key pieces are in place.

Choose style over fashion

Forget about fashion. Style is timeless. I generally advise against following trends. Just because something is ‘in fashion’ this season doesn’t mean that it suits your personal style or body shape.

When building your wardrobe, opt for classic pieces first for the core of your wardrobe, items that won’t go out of fashion in a season. Then incorporate a couple of pieces from current trends into your wardrobe in ways that match your personal style. Keeping a classic and simple style will keep you looking youthful and put-together.

Pay attention to hair and makeup

I can’t stress the importance of the role that your hair and makeup play in your overall image enough. Even with an impeccable outfit, if your hair and make-up aren’t looking kept, it can change your entire appearance.

Make sure that you look after your hair with regular visits to your hairdresser. If you don't have time to be blowdrying or curling, get a cut that is easy to maintain. If you have long hair and find you put it up in a ponytail a lot, consider having it cut to your shoulders in a bob.  

When it comes to make-up, keep it fairly natural. If you haven't had an upgrade of your make up bag for a while, it's worth having a lesson and a fresh look at how you are applying and wearing your makeup. My go to brand more minimal looks is Bobbi Brown.

Think about bags and shoes

A quick way to update your look at any age is with accessories like bags and shoes. If you’re feeling like your wardrobe needs some new life, this might be a good place to start.

Your shoes are as important as any other item of clothing, so make sure your shoes aren’t letting your overall look down – they should be great quality and leather. 

Shoes are a great place to bring in some colour, so don't be afraid to try out something bright.

Following the above five style tips is a great place to start if you’re looking to update your current wardrobe. After thirty-five, there may be many different reasons for you wanting to update your look. Perhaps you’re a mother returning to work, or you’ve stepped up in your career and need a wardrobe that matches your new role.

If you want some help to find a personal style that matches where you are in your life, get in touch and let’s chat about your situation.

Lizzie Edwards is a leading London based Personal Stylist and Image Consultant for women over 35.