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Career Advancement

Rhi, 34, Management Consultant

I contacted Lizzie as I needed to appear more senior. I was going for promotion, but I still wanted to look young and up to date.

Charlotte H, 32, Marketing Executive

My wardrobe was stuck in a rut and I was fed up of never having anything I felt good in.I wanted to understand what suited me and how I could best utilise my current wardrobe as I am at the age where I felt I needed a transition in my style. 

Linda P, 42, Exec & Non-Exec Director 

I had recently been promoted to Board level positions in a couple of companies and needed a new look that was smarter and more consistent with that level of seniority, but which still afforded me credibility as a scientist.

Saskia H, 36, Tax Director

The referral to Lizzie came about as part of my employer’s formal annual review process. It was, perhaps, a slightly delicate subject, but the question arose as to whether I “looked like a potential partner” and the answer was not a unanimous 'Yes'.

Alex A, 35, CEO Financial Services

I contacted Lizzie as I was starting a new job, and had an outdated wardrobe. I needed to walk into my new job with complete confidence that I was looking the part, because I knew it would help me feel the part.

Anna S, 39, HR Director

I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe and align my image with my progressing seniority in the work place. I needed to up the quality of my clothes and how they fitted, so that I could confidently turn up to any event with a sophisticated finish.  

Lindsey C, 37, Managing Director

I've always found shopping stressful and getting dressed to go to work a challenge. A promotion meant I really had to do something about my look, smarten up and increase my confidence for business meetings and leading change in the organisation.