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Sarah W, 35, Homemaker

As a mother of three young children, it has been more than 5 years since I bought clothes properly, and I have really struggled to find a style which suits me, my new shape, and is practical to wear to a range of different events. 

Mary P, 34, Freelance Consultant

Because of my change in body shape after the birth of my two children, I had lost all confidence in my own judgement regarding what I could pull off or not. I needed a new style that would suit my age and clothes that would be versatile enough to be appropriate for work meetings, school run, shopping, and playing with the kids at home.

Eleanor-Jo, 33, CEO Recruitment

My new found ability to put outfits together has transformed my style, but most importantly my confidence. As well as a complete overhaul of my wardrobe I have had a complete change of mind set, that alone has been worth the investment

Jas H, 47, Company Director

After years of wanting some help with refreshing my work and casual clothes, as well as help with sorting through what I had in my wardrobe, my husband bought 2 days with Lizzie as a birthday present.

Veronica F, 43, Corporate Manager

Like many women I had lots of clothes in the wardrobe but often felt I had nothing to wear.  Increasingly I was getting dressed in the morning feeling OK about how I looked, to come home wondering "Why am I wearing this?!" which resulted in buying more clothes because I felt I had nothing to wear. 

Claire F, 41, H&S Director

Having spent many mornings staring at the contents of my overflowing wardrobe with an ever increasing sense of despair, I decided it was time to take action. After having 2 children I had lost my sense of style, my interest in clothes, and had fallen in to a rut of convenience clothes shopping via the Internet.

Claire L, 31, Business System Designer

I had started to notice that my wardrobe was bulging with stuff that I hardly wore, and that my impulse shopping was a bit out of control. I had also lost some weight and wanted to get some new looks to reflect my improved confidence. 

Becky S, 41, Partner

I was frustrated that I had lots of clothes, but very few that I wore regularly. I bought things, kept most of them for 'best' and never wore them, yet restricted myself to jeans and T shirts. I also felt that my dress sense no longer matched my age.