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Aude A, 38, Yoga Teacher

I wasn't happy with what I saw in the mirror every day. Being at home with the children it is easy to completely let yourself go!  I think it was a need of a kind of therapy for my self esteem!! I needed someone to help me come out of myself.

Clare H, 45, On a career break

I felt I needed some inspiration to make the best of my casual everyday wardrobe as I am a "fashion schizophrenic" and needed to hone my look so I could get out the door without worrying about what I was wearing.

Sarah W, 35, Homemaker

As a mother of three young children, it has been more than 5 years since I bought clothes properly, and I have really struggled to find a style which suits me, my new shape, and is practical to wear to a range of different events. 

Mary P, 34, Freelance Consultant

Because of my change in body shape after the birth of my two children, I had lost all confidence in my own judgement regarding what I could pull off or not. I needed a new style that would suit my age and clothes that would be versatile enough to be appropriate for work meetings, school run, shopping, and playing with the kids at home.

Kathryn, 40, Marketing Consultant

I needed a professional wardrobe that would allow me to feel smart and confident with my corporate clients, to bring a bit of creative expression when dealing with my agency and tech clients, and I wanted a casual "uniform" that took the stress out of choosing outfits for different occasions. Quite a big ask!

Kim, 44, Management Consultant

I had moved from a corporate office environment to a working from home arrangement, with regular outside meetings.  I needed to transition to a smart casual look, so I contacted LESC and booked in with one of Lizzie's senior stylists.

Rosanne D, 45, Private Equity

I wanted to find a new way of dressing – giving up my old banker suits and finding a look that was more contemporary but still fitting for a 45 year old in finance. 

Clare M, 47, Senior Executive

I contacted Lizzie mainly due to my lack of time as I have two teenage kids, and I work very long hours. Over the years, my confidence has eroded  and I suffer from the fear of looking middle-aged or 'mutton dressed as lamb'...

Michelle W, 31, Finance

After I had my first baby I always felt like I never had anything to wear! All my clothes either didn't fit or I didn't like them. I also didn't have the time to go to the shops to go shopping, and kept on sending stuff back that I ordered online. 

Claire F, 41, H&S Director

Having spent many mornings staring at the contents of my overflowing wardrobe with an ever increasing sense of despair, I decided it was time to take action. After having 2 children I had lost my sense of style, my interest in clothes, and had fallen in to a rut of convenience clothes shopping via the Internet.