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Alexandra J, 41, Director

When I contacted Lizzie I was looking for a review of my wardrobe and a reduction. My wardrobe was bursting at the seams, yet I never felt I had anything to wear.  I had already made two attempts at clearing out it myself in the last 2 years and failed, so I knew I needed some professional help.

Bridget D, 39, MD, Marketing & Events Co

It had been so long since I shopped that replenishing my wardrobe felt like a chore rather than a joy. I didn’t know where to start and was afraid of making expensive mistakes. I also decided that I wanted a treat and working with Lizzie sounded fun!

Rhi, 34, Management Consultant

I contacted Lizzie as I needed to appear more senior. I was going for promotion, but I still wanted to look young and up to date.

Janet P, 54, Chief of Staff, Banking

I contacted Lizzie as I had been promoted to the Executive Committee at a large UK bank. I wanted to look more corporate, and for my clothes to help with signalling my new status.

Jas H, 47, Company Director

After years of wanting some help with refreshing my work and casual clothes, as well as help with sorting through what I had in my wardrobe, my husband bought 2 days with Lizzie as a birthday present.

Anna S, 39, HR Director

I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe and align my image with my progressing seniority in the work place. I needed to up the quality of my clothes and how they fitted, so that I could confidently turn up to any event with a sophisticated finish.  

Veronica F, 43, Corporate Manager

Like many women I had lots of clothes in the wardrobe but often felt I had nothing to wear.  Increasingly I was getting dressed in the morning feeling OK about how I looked, to come home wondering "Why am I wearing this?!" which resulted in buying more clothes because I felt I had nothing to wear. 

Claire L, 31, Business System Designer

I had started to notice that my wardrobe was bulging with stuff that I hardly wore, and that my impulse shopping was a bit out of control. I had also lost some weight and wanted to get some new looks to reflect my improved confidence. 

Lindsey C, 37, Managing Director

I've always found shopping stressful and getting dressed to go to work a challenge. A promotion meant I really had to do something about my look, smarten up and increase my confidence for business meetings and leading change in the organisation.